What is the TigerTracks Blockchain?

The Tiger King Coin launched on the Ethereum network in May. Inspired by the popular Netflix series Tiger King, the platform has its sights set on multiple goals, with tiger conservation at its forefront. At its core, the Tiger King Coin team wants to change the fate of the big cats, helping to push their looming extinction as far back as possible.

Through charity endeavors planned for 2022, the team hopes to raise funds for tiger conservation and donate to charity organizations. Furthermore, the team also wants to create awareness, drive public discourse on the topic, and possibly encourage more widespread conservation efforts. At the heart of this effort is the Tiger King Coin platform with several features, such as the TigerTracks Blockchain, ChainChat, Etherlift, and Gamepad. The platform also uses the $TKING token, which powers transactions and some of the following features:

The TigerTracks Blockchain

The TigerTracks Blockchain is one of the platform’s most essential features, serving as the backbone of the decentralized ecosystem. The blockchain is a graphical image of the data available on the platform, and supports user interactions with these data. This means that users can navigate map diagrams and track transactions and portfolios based on individual activity. Users can also use the TigerTracks Blockchain to generate documents for tax obligations.


ChainChat is a blockchain communication app that allows users to send messages to any wallet across any blockchain. This revolutionary app requires no sign-up process but ensures that only the user’s validated wallet can receive, read, or respond to messages. Users only need to verify their wallets using Web3 validation by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button. ChainChat also features an escrow service that powers private sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFT sellers and buyers can communicate privately, negotiate and agree on a price, and complete the sale within the app, without brokerage or other fees.


Etherlift promotes a reward system for Tiger King users while giving advertisers a platform. Anyone can complete a transaction and watch ads afterward in return for credits. Users may then exchange these credits for NFTs, ETH, or discount codes usable with partner brands.


The Gamepad ecosystem allows players to challenge each other in a series of games. This feature is exclusive to $TKING holders who must bet their tokens to win NFTs and Prize Pots.


The total supply of $TKING is 1 trillion, available on platforms such as DODO, 0x Protocol, 1inch Exchange, and Uniswap (V3). However, $TKING is different from most other cryptocurrencies as users cannot buy tokens using fiat. To buy $TKING, users must first register on a fiat-to-crypto exchange and then buy ETH with fiat. After the purchase, the user must transfer the ETH to an exchange that supports $TKING in different market pairs. Other examples include Bibox, MEXC Global, and ShibaSwap.

The Tiger King Coin is a community-led coin without a team controlling affairs or developers calling the shots. The team is working on pushing $TKING and tiger conservation to many Asian countries where there were no previous efforts at marketing. Examples include the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. Through its Year of the Tiger campaign, the team also wants to draw in Asian influencers who are interested in the project and can contribute positively. Other celebrities interested in the Tiger King Coin are welcome as well.

Along with its tiger conservation efforts and other charity activities, there is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game and a decentralized application (dApp) in the works. In 2022, the team hopes to announce many more partnerships and use cases for $TKING. Currently, more than 16,000 holders are directly or indirectly promoting the Tiger King Coin movement.


For all Tiger King updates visit their website, Telegram, and Twitter.




🐅OFFICIAL PAGE🐅 Save tigers, check out our dApps, and buy $TKING at www.TigerKingCoin.com. Home of #TigerForces t.me/tigerkingcoin

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Tiger King Coin

Tiger King Coin

🐅OFFICIAL PAGE🐅 Save tigers, check out our dApps, and buy $TKING at www.TigerKingCoin.com. Home of #TigerForces t.me/tigerkingcoin

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