The Tiger King Coin Gamepad

The Tiger King ecosystem is a more promising network than the name simply implies. Firstly, Tiger King has an apparent focus on tigers, the big cats atop of the food chain. The team behind the ecosystem aims to ensure tiger conservation, such that the apex predators are less likely to go extinct. Tiger King wants to ensure that the current gloomy fate that tigers face improves or disappears entirely through public collaboration and charity efforts.

The attention on tigers does not detract but instead focuses on its community and the offerings that users can enjoy. The Tiger King ecosystem’s community-led effort has led to several wins for the team and the community as a whole. Inspired by the popular Tiger King series on Netflix, the value of $TKING tokens surged impressively in anticipation of a Season 2, leading to a market cap of over $200 million and more than 16,000 wallets, just before Netflix released the sequel.

However, the ecosystem provides its decentralized community with several other valuable features apart from its focus on tigers. One of the most significant is the Gamepad.

TKING’s Gamepad

The Tiger King Coin Gamepad is a gaming ecosystem exclusive to $TKING holders. To foster community relations, progress, and growth, the Gamepad hosts a series of games where members of the community can challenge each other for several prizes. All interested players who have $TKING can bet their tokens to battle out other players for the prize pot attached to each game.

The Gamepad will also allow interested players to win NFTs. Using the play-to-earn model, Tiger King Coin is declaring its own space in the global decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, while also rewarding its loyal users along the way.

Beyond Gaming — Additional Tiger King Applications

Tiger King offers users several decentralized apps (dApps) on its ecosystem. For instance, users can send and receive messages over the blockchain via ChainChat, a peer-to-peer messenger that identifies senders and receivers through their wallet addresses. ChainChat encrypts all messages sent to specified wallet addresses and allows recipients to read these messages using Web3 validation options to prove address ownership. Furthermore, wallet holders do not have to sign up or provide additional information to use ChainChat.

In addition to sending encrypted messages, ChainChat provides users with NFT trading and related escrow service. This way, traders can send and receive messages to negotiate NFT prices and then use the escrow feature to send and receive secure $TKING tokens. Moreover, this service does not require any brokerage, transaction, or other charges, making it the perfect tool for a decentralized community.

Beyond the Gamepad, Tiger King users can also earn tokens through Etherlift. The application benefits advertisers by connecting them with cryptocurrency and rewards users with crypto credits. Users can earn crypto by simply watching ads supplied by advertisers on the dApp. After accumulating these credits, users can then exchange them for NFTs, ETH, or discount codes usable to purchase products from Tiger King’s partner brands.

According to its roadmap, Tiger King Coin has several plans for execution from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022. These include listings on centralized exchanges, $TKING staking, and more character designs and platform development for the Gamepad feature. If you love supporting natural wildlife, playing with friends, and earning while you do it, then the Tiger King Gamepad is an application you need to check out.

Visit their website, Telegram, and Twitter for all Tiger King updates.




🐅OFFICIAL PAGE🐅 Save tigers, check out our dApps, and buy $TKING at Home of #TigerForces

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Tiger King Coin

Tiger King Coin

🐅OFFICIAL PAGE🐅 Save tigers, check out our dApps, and buy $TKING at Home of #TigerForces

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