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The cryptocurrency world has done a lot to shake the status quo. So many projects have emerged out of the past few years with noble goals, but not many have been able to succeed at them (or even show signs of success). Fewer still are working on objectives that have to do with charity, which is a shame because blockchain technology seems so adequately designed for these types of goals.

There have been a few projects tapping into that potential for charity, and one of the most captivating of them is Tiger King Coin. Yes, the project is named after that very same show, but it has been doing a lot to become more strongly associated with tiger preservation in general.

From Meme Coin to a Focus on Charity

Tiger King Coin is precisely what it sounds like. At first, it was more of a meme coin, and it even received endorsement from Joe Exotic himself. The project was started by a group of like-minded everyday developers and crypto enthusiasts who grew tired of the scam coins and rug pulls in the market. They wanted to create something special that could tap into the enthusiasm that crypto users have, while also benefitting the broader ecosystem at large. They wanted to channel that love for democracy and charity through tokenized assets, thus building Tiger King Coin.

However, over time, they realized that they wanted a stronger focus on tiger preservation itself and to move away from being another coin solely associated with a celebrity. To that end, the objective of the project switched to becoming a platform and token with a rich ecosystem of DApps, one that would benefit both crypto users and the tiger preservation cause.

The revised mission has become one that will involve tigers, charity, community interaction, and building a global brand, which nicely coincides with the Year of the Tiger that is 2022. This Tiger King Coin 2.0 will focus on being a hub for charity, with community lead causes and an ecosystem wallet that matches donations.

Tiger King Coin will initially concentrate its efforts on the Asian market, with Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, among others, being some of the early targets. The team also plans to organize multiple marketing campaigns to help breach this market.

As for technical developments, the team first wants to feature staking on Uniswap V3, and the TKING token is currently undergoing preparation for this. On top of that, Tiger King DApps will also take the center stage in 2022. Four such DApps that are currently receiving attention are Etherlift, ChainChat, TigerTracks, and Tiger King Coin Gamepad.

What Does the Future of Tiger King Coin Look Like?

The use of blockchain technology in charity has been tried by teams before, but largely to no avail. It isn’t that the potential isn’t there; it is simply that there hasn’t been enough backing and energy behind it. A coin like Tiger King Coin has all the qualities, community support, and capacity to change that.

The world is ripe for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and with that, there will be a greater adoption of crypto in charitable use cases. Tiger King Coin wants to lead this initiative, and is making a solid effort to shine the spotlight on the pressing problem of tiger conservation. Of course, there is much work yet to be done, but it is fully possible that a strong crypto community can help usher in a new age where people band together and support causes through the usage of crypto platforms.

Stay tuned on Tiger King updates via our website, Telegram and Twitter.




🐅OFFICIAL PAGE🐅 Save tigers, check out our dApps, and buy $TKING at Home of #TigerForces

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Tiger King Coin

Tiger King Coin

🐅OFFICIAL PAGE🐅 Save tigers, check out our dApps, and buy $TKING at Home of #TigerForces

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